Over 200 Samal City hog raisers affected by ASF get financial aid


A total of 222 hog raisers hit by African swine fever (ASF) in Island Garden City of Samal have received indemnification payment, the local government said Wednesday, June 9.

The beneficiaries of the program led by the City Veterinary’s Office came from Barangay Cogon, Talicud Island, Kaputian District.

“The indemnification pay-outs are cash assistance aided to those who were greatly affected due to the contamination of the ASF in Talicud Island,” the city government said.

Each recipient with boars, weaners and sows received P2,500 per hog head while those with piglets got P1,500 per head.

This is the last distribution to be held in Talicud Island following the previous distributions conducted in other barangays of Talicud Island.