Omar Duterte wants ‘Zero LP’ in 2019

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The Presidential apo wants his lolo to continue his legacy sans the opposition.

Presidential gradnson Omar Vincent Duterte recently expressed his thoughts on how Liberal Party members should not have a place in the 2019 Senatorial elections. On his Facebook account, the 24 year old son of Paolo Duterte wit his first wife Lovelie Sangkola shared a post from “Duterte Warriors” which says “Zero LP sa 2019, LP Senators No More”, wit hteh Aquinos’ photos shoowing on the yellow-themed background.

Omar, who’s based in Davao and is operating a couple of businesses, has been tagged by his lolo Digong as his preferred successor of Davao City Mayoralty. According to President Duterte, Omar, whose mom is of Tausug-Islam descent, is fit to be the next Davao City Leader especially since it’s about time to have a Muslin leader in the city.