Omar Duterte takes pride in P1.2M Kobe Bryant shoes


The Presidential apo is truly a huge fan of the late Mamba.

Paolo Duterte’s eldest son, Omar Duterte, recently took pride in his brand new shoes he bought for his birthday. On his Facebook, the businessman based in Davao posted a screenshot of how his new Kobe shoes appreciated in value, which he bought at approximately P45,000. Said shoes is now valued at P1.2M, following the death of the basketball star.

“The shoe i bought for my bday worth only 899$ then after the incident the value went up to 24,000 $. Saved 1.3Mpesos🤯 #mambatreasure #bittersweetgift #stockx #stonks”, he captioned his post.

Omar, a known businessman in Davao City, is the eldest apo of President Duterte. He is the first son of Paolo with his former wife, Lovelie Sangkola Sumera.