Omar Duterte makes his fambam his number one priority


What a responsible father, indeed!

Paolo Duterte’s eldest son Omar Vincent Duterte, is truly an exemplary family man.

On her Facebook, his wifey Jennifer Tan Yamuta, shared how lucky she is and their son Arturo, for having a partner who prioritizes them.

“Thank you for loving us unconditionally, making us your # 1 priority always. 👨‍👩‍👦 you are the best Hubby! Omar Duterte”, she wrote, along with a quote of Matteo Guidicelli, sharing how he prioritizes his wife over his family.

Jen and Omar tied the knot last year at a civil wedding ceremony.

The couple got engaged through a surprise proposal in Prague, Czech Republic and had been together for over three years. Jen is the daughter of a businessman in Davao City.