Omar Duterte comments on Celdran’s death: Sweet karma!

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The Presidential apo says the historian’s death is just karma taking over.

Businessman Omar Vincent Duterte, son of Paolo Duterte, recently shared his thoughts on the sudden death of Intramuros tour guide and staunch Duterte critic Carlos Celdran. On his Facebook, the eldest apo of Duterte, said that Mr. Celdran got his own taste of his medicine after tweeting a controversial statement wishing harm on President Duterte.

“Carlos cedran: Good. Now die. please kthanxbye
Sweet Karma: Imma about to end this(“man’s”?) whole career”, Omar wrote on his page.

Omar’s dad, Cong. Pulong, also posted the same Tweet on his Instagram. Mr. Celdran died on Tuesday, 8 October, due to natural causes.

Carlos cedran: Good. Now die. please kthanxbyeSweet Karma: Imma about to end this("man's"?) whole careerCtto:Daniel Jade Dionisio

Posted by Omar Duterte on Monday, 7 October 2019