Ngek! Alvarez doubts BBL’s constitutionality, but doesn’t care about it


By Xave Gregorio

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez admitted he has some doubts with the constitutionality of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), but is still pushing through with its legislation and leaving it all to the Supreme Court (SC) to decide on whether the measure is consistent with the Charter.

Asked about the unconstitutionality of the BBL as it supposedly creates an entity not in the Charter, Alvarez said he “[shares] that doubt.”

“Talaga namang nasa constitution ‘yung ARMM eh,” Alvarez said Wednesday (May 30) in a media briefing.

While the Speaker conceded that Congress is tasked to craft constitutional laws, he is leaving the issue of constitutionality to the Supreme Court and would proceed legislating the BBL, even if he has qualms about its constitutionality.

“Hayaan mong Supreme Court ang mag-decide diyan. Hindi kami ‘yung magsasabi kung constitutional ba ‘yan o hindi. Basta kami mayroong proposal, ito BBL as a substitute doon as ARMM Law so gagawin namin,” Alvarez said.

“We believe what we are doing here is constitutional. Kaya nobody can stop anyone from filing or questioning the constitutionality of a law,” he said further.

But what if the SC strikes down the law as unconstitutional? Alvarez can only shrug.

“Eh wala tayong magagawa diyan. Wala tayong magagwa, you just have to accept it. Kais sila naman yung final interpreter ng mga laws,” he said.