Netizen defends Jinkee: Stop hating and attacking her on social media!

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The Pacwife received some support from a netizen who asked others to stop the hate.

Belo endorser and mother of five, Jinkee Pacquiao recently received back up support from a netizen who called out everyone hating on her. On the comments section of Jinkee’s latest Belo post, IG user @federinabenfante said that all the blocking is mainly due to the attitude of unsatisfied haters spreading negativity on her page.

“Why it is so difficult to humans to just appreciate what they see without express any personal judgment?? I see a beautiful woman, dressed everyday better, with amazing fashion taste, spreading human values…please stop hating and @jinkeepacquiao continue to inspire us, no matter others’ opinion! ❤”, the comment read.

It can be recalled that Jinkee would often get bombarded with hate comments, particularly on her lavish lifestyle, and how it does not coincide with the bible values that she often posts on her social media.

Senator Manny Pacquiao’s wife then replied “Godbless you” to the netizen.

Stop the hate, spread the love!