Nayong Pilipino FB serye: Fema Duterte insists she wasn’t invited in the board meeting

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The Presidential kin was insistent that she wasn’t able to get an email despite the screenshot provided by the corporate secretary staff.

Nayong Pilipino Executive Director Maria Fema Duterte expressed her answer to the claims of the agency’s corporate secretary staff that she sent an invite to Ms. Fema. On her Facebook page, the Presidential kin said that she did not receive any e-mail concerning a scheduled Board Meeting.

“Giving 24 to 48 hours’ advance notice through letter of scheduled Board meeting is sufficient to me”, Ms. Fema wrote, emphasizing that this has been the practice that she’s been exposed to.

After claiming that she was not invited to a certain Board Meeting, agency’s assistant to the Corporate Secretary contested and said on a separate post that in fact, she emailed the invitation to Ms. Fema.

“Ayaw ko na ako ay ma belong sa “Silent Committee”during the deliberations of the Board.🤓😎😉 huwag email lang, kasi wala akong natanggap. Kahit mag insist pa kayo na nagpadala ka, ewan ko sayo! Intiende?”, she added.

Ms. Fema also added more shade to her post by insinuating that the meeting was held at the home of NPF Chairman Yvette Ocampo.

“Huwag sa bahay ni Chairman at baka ma chop chop ako. Bakit ayaw nyo sa Nayong Pilipino Office?”, she added.

How juicy!