Naka-P21M na! 1,300 business owners in Davao City settle fees

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The city government of Davao has already collected P21 million in business tax payments for the past several days.

The City Treasurer’s Office said the amount was paid by 1,300 business owners, who settled their dues since the business permit renewal process started on January 3.

The local government has extended the renewal of business permits from January 20 to until 12 midnight of January 31.

But Business Bureau Chief and lawyer Marissa Torentera earlier urged business owners not to wait for the last few days to process their papers.

The city government has put up a remote site for the processing of business permits, which is located at the Almendras Gym or the Davao City Recreation Center, to accommodate the expected large number of people renewing their business permits; and to make the processing more accessible.