Murad cites sacrifices of humanitarian workers on World Humanitarian Day


Bangsamoro government Chief Minister Ahod “Al Haj Murad” Ebrahim led Wednesday, August 19, the region in honoring the humanitarian workers during the commemoration of the World Humanitarian Day 2020.

Ebrahim said the services of humanitarian workers should be supported by various stakeholders, the communities, and most especially by their respective governments, particularly now that there is an ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“The Bangsamoro, as a region, has become a witness to the incredible amount of sacrifices by our respective humanitarian workers. Throughout the years, we have witnessed these ‘modern heroes’ face insurmountable obstacles just to make sure that no individual gets left behind. With no uncertainty of their future including their welfare, humanitarian workers were there through thick and thin,” he said.

“And on what has become another unprecedented crisis, our Bangsamoro humanitarian workers especially those in the frontlines have once again showcased their passion to serve and help out the lives of our people in the region,” Ebrahim said.

Despite the countless sacrifices that they have done, the official noted that in many occasions, the humanitarian workers are left unrecognized.

“But today, the Bangsamoro government stands with all of them and assures its unwavering support to our shared causes and for our shared desire in putting humanity over everything. Today, we are reminded of why we have started this journey in the first place and we are optimistic that there is a brighter future that awaits all of us,” he added.