Mr. Davao Conyo bares Davao City secrets: Madami dito afraid!


The famous online personality also urged his fellow Davaoeños to speak up.

Philip T. Hernandez, better known as Davao Conyo in the online world, recently unveiled the truth behind Davao City’s “safety”. The content creator from the Duterte-ran city unleashed a series of statements on Twitter, asserting that behind the ‘safest’ city reputation, people in Davao actually live in fear.

“And sana ma gets niyo rin ang context of why I am flooded with “stay safe” messages from Davao people. They’re not even pertaining to COVID. Madami dito afraid. Totoo. So let’s not downplay people na ayaw pa magsalita. I’m saying this bec im from Davao and I understand the fear.”, he wrote, just a few hours after President Duterte addressed the nation on 1 April. Said tweet has earned over 13 thousand reactions, and counting.

Mr. Davao Conyo went on and said that the mindset of clinging to violence is dangerous and proliferates fear. He also added that the liquor ban in Davao, which is highly regarded by many, is in fact, “adjustable”.

“Alam mo ba na yung liquor ban dito sa davao na highly praised ng ibang cities is ACTUALLY ADJUSTABLE DEPENDE KUNG MAY DUTERTE NA UMIINOM PA. Ngi. O sa mga taga davao na makakabasa neto, speak up”, he tweeted.

Mr. Davao Conyo, known for his Bisaya humor, has over 139 thousand followers on Twitter and almost a million followers on Facebook.