Michael Pacquiao mesmerizes Twitterverse with his rap skills


Pinoy pride, just like his dad!

Michael Pacquiao went viral again on Twitter after recently a video of his live rapping skills on the famous Wish 107.1 Bus, circulated. In the video snippet, Michael can be seen performing a bit of his hit singles.

“After seeing Michael Pacquiao on wish bus I knew it would blow up! That was definitely mainstream right there! I cant wait for this guy to do collabs with the biggest names like eminem, drake, jay z. Pinoy pride!”, one Twitter user wrote.

Few weeks back, the second eldest son of Manny Pacquiao made it to the headlines on social media users came across the freshly released rap song, Pac-Man, in collaboration with rap artist Michael Bars. Michael talked about his vision for music, and performed a bit of his rap songs on the Wish Bus.