Michael Pacquiao is brewing up a brand new track


While Kuya Jimuel is gearing up for boxing, the younger Pacquiao is showcasing his talent in composing and producing hot new tracks.

Manny Pacquiao’s second eldest son Michael, recently shared a teaser of his brand new song. On his Instagram stories, Michael uploaded some snippets of the new beats he his currently brewing up on his computer.

Michael has already released a couple of songs, in collaboration with his singer girlfriend, Yazmin Aziz. Although they’re on a long distance relationship, the two would often see each other when Yazmin visits the Philippines, and if Michael drops by KL for a quick visit.

Yazmin is a Filipino-Malaysian singer-performer who is a World Championship of Performing Arts Multi-Medalist. The couple also graced ASAP Chillout for a quick guesting and performance in 2018. She also released her song in Malaysia called “Lihatlah”.