Mayor Sara reactivates Peace 911 in Paquibato District


Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has ordered the reactivation of the Peace 911 in Paquibato District after it was temporarily suspended for about two months.

Peace 911 is a comprehensive peace-building and development initiative of the local government of Davao City for Paquibato District.

“We reopen the program with a new Action Officer, Ms Aileen Mabanding, and a renewed commitment to delivering the vision of the program,” the city government said.

The implementation of Peace 911 was temporarily suspended in August. Adjustments were made after the program encountered some challenges.

The Paquibato District used to be the hotbed of the communist New People’s Army.

Under Peace 911, the local government will continue with its livelihood program for the residents.

Infrastructure projects, such as road and bridge, will be constructed in the area.

“The bringing of government services, such as health and nutrition and other services, to far-flung areas of Paquibato District will also resume,” the local government said.