Mayor Sara on Pa’s remark vs God: Don’t listen to his Bible interpretation

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Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio urged Wednesday the public not to listen to her father, President Rodrigo Duterte, whenever he speaks about what is written in the Bible or Quoran.

The presidential daughter’s social media post came amid criticisms against the President who called God as “stupid” and how he interpreted the Bible, particularly about the creation of Adam and Eve and their commission of sin.

“Please do not listen to him interpret the bible or quoran, he is not a priest, a pastor or an imam. He is the President, listen only when he speaks about his work,” she said on her Instagram post.

She also advised the people “not to waste” their energy on Duterte’s thoughts about the Scripture.

“And criticize him on his work not on his “talkkalese.” Do not waste your negative energy on his interpretation of the bible, that is his opinion,” she said.

In further defending her father, Duterte-Carpio said that like any other Filipino, the President has constitutional rights.

“He is protected by the Constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression even if he is President,” she said.