Mayor Rabat pushes for comprehensive business registration handbook in Mati City


Mati City Mayor Michelle N. Rabat has issued an executive order creating a technical working group (TWG) for the formulation of a comprehensive business registration handbook.

Under EO. No. 85, series of 2021, Rabat underscored the importance of business in stimulating economic activity.

“The City Government of Mati recognizes the need to improve the delivery of public service and provide a business-friendly environment by eliminating the unnecessary burden to business and non-business-related transactions,” she said.

The mayor noted the observation that several businesses operating in the city are not compliant with the necessary government regulations.

“There is a need to create a tool to improve government regulations compliance among business by making the process easier to comprehend. One of the tools identified is the formulation of a comprehensive Business Registration Handbook to assist potential/new investors and current business owners in complying with existing government rules and regulations,” she stressed.

The TWG will be co-headed by Acting City Tourism and Promotions Officer Dashiel E. Indelible Jr. and City Tourism Council Stefan Mikhail A. Rabat with eight members coming from various city government offices.