Mayor Rabat creates office for IPs


Mati City Mayor Michelle N. Rabat has issued an executive order establishing the Tribal Affairs Office (TAO) of the city.

“There is an urgent need to establish a Tribal Affairs Office to specifically address the issues and concerns of the Indigenous Cultural Community/Indigenous Peoples (ICCs/IPs) of the City of Mati and in the exigency of the service,” Rabat said in EO No. 90, which she signed on September 15, a copy of which was posted on the local government’s Facebook page Friday, September 18.

The TAO, which is under the Office of the City Mayor, shall be headed by a competent individual, duly designated by the mayor, and shall determine the staff and personnel requirements of his/her office.

TAO is tasked to plan, formulate, implement, coordinate, and monitor all activities, programs and projects related to ICCs/IPs.

It shall also oversee and supervise the implementation of policies, plans and programs and projects pertaining to the preservation and development of the culture, traditions, and institutions of the ICCs/IPs.

The EO shall take effect immediately.