Mayor Mondano suspended for tolerating illegal cockfights in Surigao del Norte town

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Mainit, Surigao del Norte Mayor Ramon Mondano has been ordered suspended for one month over allegations of allowing illegal cockfight activities in his town in 2016.

The Office of the Ombudsman ordered the suspension after finding him guilty of simple neglect of duty.

Records showed that on June 14, 2016 Mondano issued a special permit allowing the conduct of cockfighting activities in Purok Masaya, Barangay Matin-ao.

However, the Ombudsman discovered no barangay clearance was issued for the cockfighting.

In its ruling, the Ombudsman said the Local Government Code required that “a clearance from the barangay where the activity is to be conducted is necessary before a city, or in this case, a municipality, can issue a permit for it.”

“It was not shown that the purok leaders of Purok Masaya applied for a barangay clearance, hence, respondent Mayor Mondano should not have issued the Special Permit in their favor,” the Ombudsman said.