Mayor Huervas suspends operations of cockpits, other entertainment venues in Valencia City


Valencia City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas ordered Monday, April 19, the suspension of operations of cockpits, playrooms, fairs/peryas, beerhouses, bars, and other entertainment venues.

Huervas issued the directive to contain, prevent and mitigate the spread of coronavirus disease.

As previously defined by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), also suspended is the holding of live entertainment, concerts and live performances such as live bands, acoustic band and comedy shows.

“In the case of restobars, their restaurants may continue to operate provided the bars are closed and no alcoholic drinks are served,” the mayor said.

Bars are defined as establishments whose primary purpose is serving of alcoholic drinks.

For fair and uniform implementation of the directive, Huervas said all restaurants, snack houses, food venues, and fast food shall be prohibited from serving alcoholic drinks and liquor to customers or patrons and shall be prohibited from holding live entertainment, concerts, live bands, acoustic bands, and live performances.

She said penalties provided by Ordinance No. 35-2020 can be applied against violators.

The Order shall take effect immediately until April 30 unless earlier lifted or extended by appropriate authority.