Mayor Huervas orders strict implementation of age-based stay-at-home restrictions


Valencia City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas has issued an executive order (EO) reinstating the strict enforcement of the age-based restrictions in the city by requiring minors below 15 years old and seniors above 65 years old to stay at home.

EO No. 11, series of 2021, repealed EO 157, series of 2020, which allowed minors below 15 years old to go outside in parks, open spaces, outdoor venues, and other tourism sites if accompanied by parents or guardians.

“Considering that the number of Covid-19 active cases in the City of Valencia has steadily increased for the past two weeks including one fatality and many more patients currently in isolation for monitoring and testing, there is a need to repeal EO 157 s. 2020 and reinstate the strict enforcement of the age-based restrictions in order to avert or contain the further spread of the virus in the city,” Huervas said in the EO signed Saturday, January 9.

Exempted from the stay-at-home order are instances when there are medical emergencies; accessing dental and medical services; going to work in permitted industries and offices subject to flexible working schedule; and when indispensable under the circumstances for obtaining essential goods and services.

Huervas directed all malls, establishments, resorts, restaurants, and offices in the city to enforce the restrictions contained in the EO and, where applicable, may require valid identifications (IDs) to ascertain the age of persons covered by the restrictions.

“Establishments that violate the provisions of this Order shall face corresponding sanctions such as temporary closure or revocation of permits,” the mayor said.

She also ordered the police, Office of the City Administrator, City Task Force, Barangay Chairmen and Barangay Tanods to enforce the provisions of the EO in coordination with the Valencia City Task Force Against Covid-19.

The Order shall take effect on January 13 and shall remain in effect unless amended or repealed.