Mayor Huervas orders 72-hour closure, decontamination of CHO center


Valencia City Mayor Azucena P. Huervas has issued an executive order directing a 72-hour closure of a center managed by the City Health Office (CHO) for decontamination after a confirmed coronavirus disease case was reported.

Under EO No. 81, ordered closed was the CHO Maternity Care and TB DOTS Center at CHO, New Terminal, Hagkol, Poblacion.

“There is a need to conduct extensive disinfection and decontamination of the CHO Maternity and TB DOTS Center for at least three days to ensure that it is safe for the workers, staff and the general public,” Huervas said.

The closure of the establishments from 7:00 p.m. of October 6 to 7:00 p.m. of October 9, has been recommended by the Emergency Operations and Command Center.