Mayor Climaco orders acting Customs collector to clean Zamboanga City of smuggling


Mayor Beng Climaco has echoed President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to clean Zamboanga City of smuggling.

The local chief executive made the directive to Acting Zamboanga District Customs Collector Jun Barte.

She said the city has been the focus of anti-smuggling operations due to the failure of previous customs officials.

“It is the direct order of the President and the City Government to clean up Zamboanga City of smuggling. I hope you take this order to hear,” Climaco said.

This, as Climaco conducted recently an ocular inspection in Recodo where Customs authorities were doing an inventory of alleged smuggled rice intercepted by combined elements from Coast Guard, Bravo Company, 11 Infantry Battalion and Police Station-9.

The cargoes contained about 7,000 sacks of rice which were allegedly transported by a cargo ship from Malaysia.