Mayor Climaco backs creation of Zamboanga City’s 3rd legislative district


Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed support for the creation of a third legislative district in the city.

The proposal for the formation of another legislative district was revived by 1st District Representative-elect Jawo Jimenez and 2nd District Representative-elect Mannix Dalipe.

The idea was first brought up when Climaco was still the congresswoman of the 1st District. However, it did not materialize because of the disagreements with her counterpart in the second district.

Climaco said if the proposal would be realized, it would give the city three voices in Congress and an opportunity for more leaders to serve the Zamboangueños.

At the same time, Climaco, who was elected for her third and last term, has urged the residents of Zamboanga City to move on and for their cooperation after the divisive elections.

“The people of Zamboanga have already spoken that they voted for those that have platform of governance. Negative and mudslinging did not sell and was rejected by the voters,” she said.

“We are looking forward to a third term full of possibilities and opportunities,” she added.