Mayor Bud presents surrendered loose firearms from Maluso town to gov’t forces


Mayor Hanie Bud of Maluso, Basilan has signed a memorandum of understanding on Small and Light Weapons Program with the government security forces.

Basilan provincial government, military, and police officials witnessed the signing ceremony, which was also attended by other Maluso municipal and barangay officials, held at Mujiv Hall, Maluso Town Hall Tuesday, June 8.

Bud presented a total of 19 loose firearms, which were voluntarily surrendered by the barangay officials of Maluso.

Presented firearms include five cal. 30 M1 Garand rifles, eight cal. 45 pistols, one cal. 9mm KG9, two shotguns, one cal. 38 pistol, and two M79 Grenade Launchers.