Mayor Beng Climaco leads distribution of financial assistance


The Politiko personally visited the elderlies in the province.

Mayor Beng Climaco recently led the distribution of financial assistance under the Local Special Amelioration Program (LSAP) for senior citizens as well as cash incentives for octogenarians (80-89 years old) and nonagenarians (90 to 99 years old) living in the west coast.
Spearheaded by the CSWDO with support from the City Treasurer’s Office, the payout took place in 14 areas to include Ayala, Baluno, Cawit, Labuan, La Paz, Limpapa, Maasin, Pamucutan, Patalon, Recodo, Sinubong, Sinunuc, Talisayan and Tulungatung.

Mayor Climaco and Coun Pareja took part in the distribution one after the other at the covered courts in Sinunuc, Maasin, Tulungatung, Talisayan and Patalon and the Elderly Centers in Ayala and Labuan.