Mati City crafts master plan for Pujada Bay protection


The city government on Saturday committed to implement a master plan for proper sewage disposal as a measure to further protect the Pujada Bay here.

Mayor Michelle Rabat said in a press briefing on Saturday that they will be putting up sewage treatment plants to ensure that wastes from households going out to Pujada Bay are treated and cleaned before they are dumped in the bay.

“I have coordinated with various officials to make sure that all canals that leads to the bay will have a catchment basin,” she said.

She said given that plastics and pollution have been a global problem, they have initiated measures to provide solutions and protect not only Pujada Bay but also other major bays in the city.

“Here in Mati, all leads to the bay. We have to make sure that all water leading to the bay be treated and recycled,” she added.

Rabat assured that they will be providing catchment basins to ensure that no plastics and other garbage would reach the bay.

Pujada Bay, Rabat said, was recently cited by the Most Beautiful Bays in the World (MBBW) Club as it was eyeing to be included in the prestigious MBBW list.

The Pujada Bay Landscape and Seascape was declared as a protected area under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) through Presidential Proclamation 431.

It covers about 20,0887 hectares of protected landscapes and seascapes. (PNA)