Math is hard? ‘Bright’ Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte thinks so, too


This politiko suddenly encountered a real-life math problem in a convenience store.

Life — called the “greatest teacher” — asked Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio a word problem at a charging station and, boy, did she say: “Struggle is real.”

She turned to her followers for answers: If it costs P5 to charge her phone at 8 percent for 10 minutes, how much do I need to charge it at 100 percent? How long will it take?

The mayor, who is a graduate of respiratory therapy at San Pedro College and got her law degree from San Beda, poked fun at the embarrassing situation.

“Bright sa pagsulat, bugok sa math,” she wrote on her post.

Her smarter followers loved her so much that they actually did the computing. They said it would cost P62.50 (P65 since the slot only takes P5 coins) and would take her 125 minutes to get her cellphone fully charged.

Others told the mayor to get herself a good powerbank to get charged even on the go.