Marica Zamora officially ‘signs off’ from Congress duties


The Politiko shared her emotional message as she bid congress goodbye.

Outgoing Compostela Valley 1st District Representative Maricar Zamora recently penned her final goodbyes to the legislative arm. On her Facebook, the Politiko shared her message as she attended her last session with the 17th Congress.

“Nine years…. three terms… Bittersweet “farewells” and “good byes”…. these words come to mind as the 17th Congress wraps up its third regular session, and closes all its books”, she quipped.

She further narrated how other “graduates” also had their final goodbyes in the hall.

“For us “graduating” congressional representatives, this is the last time we get to see our closest friends and acquaintances in the national legislature, aware that we might not be seeing one another for a long time”, she added.

“This is Maricar, your Congresswoman, signing off from Congress….”, she wrote.

Prior to her final year in the Congress, Cong. Maricar worked on some key projects including Bulawan Festival and the renaming of Compostela Valley to Davao de Oro.