Maria Fema Duterte looks back at memories at Makati Shang


The Presidential relative shared her thoughts on the hotel’s temporary closure.

Presidential relative Fema Duterte recently shared a couple of thoughts on the closure of Makati Shangri-la. On her Facebook, the Politiko posted a couple of photos of her previous visits.

“I feel empty here tonight and surely I will be missing this place ~ Makati Shangrila Hotel.Less of people now not like before. Lots of memorable events, meetings,and having coffee that I attended here.I don’t know why it began and why it ended. Maybe because that in life’s things cycle sometimes it needs to move cleanly into it’s next phase », she wrote.

She also shared that the employees will be provided by a fair compensation package and the management will be extending healthcare coverage and grocery support until 31 December 2021 to provide affected employees and their families peace of mind during these uncertain times.