Manny Pacquiao shares family advice


Family is everything.

In a recent Instagram post, Senator Manny Pacquiao shared a photo of his amazingly talented family with the quote: “No success in public life can compensate failure in the home.”

A real life rags-to-riches story, the Politiko did not have it easy before becoming a world-renowned boxing champ. In 2009, the Pacquiao couple was even faced with marital issues due to Senator Manny’s alleged affair. There was even a time when the Politiko admitted to having a serious gambling problem, but everything’s in the past now.

The Pacquiao family got over all of it and is thriving now more than ever. Senator Manny is very supportive with his family’s interests as her wife, Former Sarangani Vice Governor Jinkee Pacquiao opened her own cosmetics line, while his eldest son Jimuel is an aspiring boxer turned model and showbiz icon. On the other hand, his second born, Michael, is making a name as a rapper while Queenie is well on her way to becoming Youtube’s newest sweetheart.