Mangudadatu brothers gather at Shariff Aguak feast

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The founding anniversary was definitely a Politiko-studded event.

The biggest names in ARMM politics recently gathered to join Shariff Aguak’s 55th Founding Anniversary. On his Facebook account, Cong. Zajid Mangudadatu shared a happy-looking photo of him and his brothers including Gov. Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu, Assemblyman Khadafee Toy Mangudadatu, Mayor Freddie Mangudadatu, and former Mayor Jhong Mangudadatu, during the town’s festivities.

Also with them were Vice Gov. Antao Midtimbang, Mayor Engr. Maruf Ampatuan, Vice Mayor Akmad Ampatuan, Mayor Zamzamin Ampatuan, Fr. Jun Mercado, BGen. Carlito Sobejana 6ID Commander, BGen. Ding Carreon of 601st Brigade Commander and other local officials.

The founding anniversary, celebrated ln 8-15 September 2018, features a wide array of events including a fun run color race, and a motorcycling event.