Mahilig kaseng mag-socialize! Davao City’s most Covid-19 cases millennials – officials


Most Covid-19 cases in Davao City are millennials due to their “high-risk behaviors,” officials said.

“We all know millennials, these are the population with high-risk behaviors. Eto yung mahilig mag socialize, mag get get together in social gatherings. Since they are also part of the working group, they go out to socialize and interact. They are likely highly to get infected,” said Davao City COVID-19 Task Force Focal Person Dr. Michelle Schlosser.

Millennials are aged 24 to 40 years old.

Acting City Health Office Head Dr. Ashley Lopez said that of the 21,453 total Covid-19 cases as of June 19, 2021, a total of 13,394 or about 62 percent infected were in the 20-29, 30-39, and 40-49 age groups where the millennials belong.

The 20-29 bracket, however, topped the list with the most Covid-19 infections with a total of 5,721 confirmed positive cases followed by the 30-39 group with 4,584 cases.

In third came the 40-49 bracket with 2,989 confirmed positive Covid-19 cases.

Rounding up the list with the most number of Covid-19 positive cases were the 50-59 (2,557); 10-19 (1,863); 60-69 (1,704); 0-9 (1,024); 70-79 (671); 80-89 (207); 90-99 (23); undisclosed (nine); and above 99 (one).

Schlosser, however, said the recovery rate is high among millennials.

While the age groups of millennials also recorded 159 of the 829 deaths as of June 19, Lopez said the 60-69 bracket topped with the most number of fatalities with 235 followed by the 70-79 bracket with 169, 80-80 with 54, 10-19 with 12, 0-9 with 11, and 90-99 with seven.

Schlosser said mortality is high among seniors due to their comorbidities such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and immuno-compromised.