Mag-aartista na? Here’s what Kitty Duterte says about entering showbiz


The Presidential daughter is firm about her decision when asked about joining showbiz.

It seems like fourteen year old Veronica “Kitty” Duterte isn’t enticed by the limelight of show business. The Presidential said with finality that she has no plans to join showbiz. The young Duterte was asked via CuriousCat website whether she’d “take it or leave it”, given the chance to be an actress.

“101% leave”, she quipped.

Although Kitty rarely grants TV interviews, she is very active on social media. The Presidential daughter has over 136 thousand followers on Twitter and nearly 400 thousand on Instagram.

Kitty, the daughter of President Rodrigo Duterte with common-law-wife Honeylet Avanceña, is an incoming Grade 8 student at Stella Maris Academy in Davao City.