Lorenzana prefers medium tanks: We don’t expect more Marawi-type conflict


The Department of National Defense (DND) is looking at acquiring some medium tanks for its armored units instead of heavily-armored and gunned main battle tanks.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana was asked by the PNA Wednesday on whether the ongoing conflict in densely-packed Marawi City, where Maute Group terrorists used concrete houses and buildings into fortified fighting positions, necessitated the acquisition of a main battle tank fleet.

“Not really. We do not expect a lot Marawi-type conflict in the future. Therefore a couple of medium tanks would do: for contingency in urban warfare and for training,” he added.

Main battle tanks as vehicles weighing 40 tons or more and carrying a large-caliber gun. Medium tanks are those weighing 20 tons or less and equipped with a medium-caliber but powerful cannon but capable of breaching reinforced concrete walls.

Mechanized Infantry Division spokesperson Capt. Emman Adriano said the newly-acquired armored vehicles have been effective in their ongoing operations in Marawi City.

“(Armored assets deployed ) are four mechanized battalions, one cavalry squadron and one light armored troop. All of our newly acquired armored vehicles are now deployed in Marawi City,” he said. These units consists of more than 120 armored vehicles of various types. (PNA)