Let’s get it on! Fema Duterte kicks off duties with induction as foreign relations council member

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The Presidential relative is all set and ready to go with the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations (PCFR).

President Rodrigo Duterte’s distant kin, Maria Fema Duterte is ready to take on her duties as the Executive Director of Nayong Pilipino, Inc. as she kicked off her task with a year-end cocktails with PCFR members. The group had a sumptuous dinner at the Cafe Romulo, to officially welcome its new members. Fema, along with her my Nayong Pilipino Transition Team took part in the event.

“Congratulations to all of us! Finally, we are now a member of the Philippine Council for Foreign Relations. It is now under our obligation to revisit the domestic and foreign policies to fully understand the strategic position of the Republic in the ASEAN region and other part of the world when it comes to National Security Issues.”, she wrote on her Facebook page along with photos from the Induction night.

Fema is a distant relative of PRRD’s father, hailing from Cebu.