Legalize wahoy? No way, says Zamboanga Mayor Climaco-Salazar


Zamboanga City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar called “ridiculous” the City Council’s proposal to revive and legalize a local numbers game called “wahoy.”

According to a SunStar Online report Friday (June 2), Zamboanga councilors are moving to bring back wahoy as a means of “preserving and propagating the Chavacano language through riddles.”

But Mayor Climaco-Salazar is opposing it, since it’s basically legislating gambling.

The lady politiko found the City Council’s justification silly since the Zamboanga government has been actively preserving Chavacano through the publishing of books and other activities and programs .

Under wahoy, a person may chose from 37 numbers (1-37) to bet on. A peso bet wins P30.

Wahoy results, given daily, are known from riddles in Chavacano, which is a Spanish-based creole language.