Kitty Duterte vlogs with cousin Princess Avancena


Check out Princess’ first ever vlog episode with her partner-in-crime, Kitty.

Fifteen year old Presidential daughter, Veronica “Kitty” Duterte has found her newfound leisure activity by starring alongside her cousin, Princess Avancena’s vlog. On Twitter, the pamangkin of Presidential partner Honeylet Avancena uploaded her first vlog, which follows her adventures with her family, friends and her dearest cousin, Kitty.

“This is my first ever vlog and i know im rusty afaf and needs tons of improvement HAHA i hope you enjoyed our kakulitan”, Princess wrote on YouTube.

Kitty is the youngest daughter of President Duterte with common-law-wife Honeylet Avancena. She turned fifteen this April, and is an incoming Grade 9 student at Stella Maris Academy.