Kitty Duterte misses her fur baby Sashimi Sushi


She might have been an only child of her parents Honeylet Avancena and President Rodrigo Duterte, but Kitty has found an ultimate buddy in her fur baby.

Presidential daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte is truly having the best time being a new mom to her doggo, Sashimi Sushi. The fifteen year old recently tweeted how much she misses her white, cute doggo.

” haven’t seen my obese baby in days huhu i miss her so much sooo like here’s my fave pic of her hehehe 🥺💛😩🍣 “, she tweeted along with a cute photo of Sushi.

Kitty is currently a grade 9 student at Stella Maris Academy in Obrero, Davao. She is the youngest daughter of President Duterte with his common-law-wife Honeylet Avancena.