Kitty Duterte clarifies: I am not a bisexual!

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She said that they’re just best friends.

Presidential daughter Veronica “Kitty” Duterte recently answered an issue that circulated online about her sexuality. On her Twitter account, the fourteen year old clarified the post by a Facebook page “Bisexual Spotted” saying that she’s a bisexual, along with photos of her and her bestfriend Corrine.

“JUSQ INTAWON GUYS MA GWPAHAN KO SAAKONG BEST FRIEND PERO BESR FRIENDS RA GYUD MI HAHAHAHAHAHA”, she wrote on her Twitter account, saying that she and Corrine are just friends.

“MY GOSH HAHAHAHA NAA NAMAN KOY AKO PERO DLI BABAE HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SAMANING WORLD UY HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA NAA. NAKOY. AKO. !!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA”, she added, venting out on how the public easily draws unconfirmed conclusions.

In a separate tweet, she also added that she strongly supports LGBT rights and that these people are close to her heart.