King Mangudadatu shares selfie with his ‘twin’


The resemblance is truly remarkable.

South Korea has Yoo Ah-In (along with Park Shin Hye) as their official zombie killers; it’s a good thing he left his ‘twin’ here in the Philippines so we have our own here too (just in case!).

Former Buluan Vice Mayor King Jhazzer Mangudadatu recently shared a headshot with the poster of #Alive in the background with the caption “Ako nalang ata ang natitirang Zombie killer sa Pilipinas #ALIVE #KUYAZOMBIE”. Again, netizens commented on the similarity of the Politiko with the South Korean actor with many pointing out that he should dye his hair blonde to complete the look.

Would we see the former VM King with a new hair color soon? Let’s wait and see.