King Mangudadatu challenges Davao Conyo: One on one tayo!


The Politiko has had enough of the anti-Duterte statements uttered by the social media personality.

Board Member King Mangudadatu recently challenged Mr. Philip Hernandez, commonly known as Davao Conyo, on a ‘one on one’. On his Facebook, the Politiko posted a status, along with a boxing gloves emoji.

“Davao Conyo Davao Conyo. ONE ON ONE TA BEH! 🦠🥊. Because you are duol man so hagdon kita”, he wrote on his page.

Mr. Davao Conyo recently criticized the government for its measures to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic. He also aired out his sentiment on how most of the people in Davao City are actually living in fear. He later on posted an apology to the Davao community.