Kabogera! Jinkee Pacquiao unveils her perfume collection

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What’s your favorite designer scent? Cances are, Jinkee P. has it sitting on her dresser.

Pacwife Jinkee Pacquiao recently unveiled her extensive collection of signature perfumes on social media. On her Instagram account, the 39-year-old former Politiko shared a snap of her perfume bottle collection, in different shapes, colors and sizes. By the looks of it, all of these perfumes are branded.

“Where there is Scent, there’s Love and Beauty!Smile at strangers Say thank you Give lots of Compliments, Dress nicely, Wear Perfume, Be charming ,Laugh Wish others a lovely day ❤️ #lovelytuesday”, she captioned the post.

To prevent negative comments from flooding on her account, the Pacwife disabled the post’s commenting function. Bawal nega!