K-drama fans go cray cray over Jinkee’s dinner with Ji Chang Wook

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Fans of K-drama from all over the Philippines recently went gaga over the news that Jinkee was gifted with a special dinner date with Korean actor Ji Chang Wook of hit TV shows Healer, K-2 and Suspicous Partner. The news went viral on social media, with fans expressing their envy over the lucky Pac-wife.

“I am grateful for my husband for giving me the most sweetest surprise. The sweetest and happiest surprise ever! Thank you, Babe! Love you! (i will reveal it soon! ),” Jinkee wrote in her post over the holidays, which she spent with her family in Seoul.

On the same day, showbiz guru Lolit Solis also posted about the ‘surprise’, confirming that Jinkee and Chang Wook indeed had dinner together.

Fangirl goals talaga!