Jimuel Pacquiao shares sweet couple pic with gf Heaven Peralejo


The up and coming young boxer is also a sweet loverboy just like dad.

Sen. Manny’s son Emmanuel “Jimuel” Pacuiao recently shared a sweet looking couple pic with his beau, Heaven Peralejo. The eldest son of the Pacquiao couple posted the selfie on his Instagram after having his dental session at GAOC Dental.

“Thanks gaocdental now this girl likes my smile even more”, he wrote on his post.

The young couple met at a mall two years ago when Jimuel’s cousins asked for a photo. Heaven further narrated that Jimuel is a sweet boyfriend who’s full of surprises. The Pac Fam also has the couple’s blessing, with Sen. Manny citing that Jimuel is already 18.

Last year, Jinkee and Jimuel’ siblings attended the premiere of Heaven’s movie, Harry and Patty starring Kakai Bautista and Ahron Villena. The couple also has a fanbase called “Jimvel.”