Isabelle Duterte rocks the Christian Dior canvas bag

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The Presidential apo truly has a penchant for luxury bags.

Paolo Duterte’s daughter, Isabelle Lovelie, is truly enjoying every bit of her stay in Bali, Indonesia. The eighteen year old, of course, is doing her travel in style – which includes her staple arm candy, her Christian Dior Navy Trotter Shoulder Bag in Canvas. On Instagram, the Presidential apo posted a photo of her clad in an orange outfit, which perfectly complements her Dior bag.

Isabelle, daughter of Paolo Duterte with his former wife, Ms. Lovelie Sangkola, is currently having a vacay in Bali with her pals for her school break. She moved to Sydney, Australia to pursue college after graduating in San Beda University Alabang. She is residing in Sydney with her mom’s sister, and other maternal relatives.