Isabelle Duterte reunites with Kuya Omar and Kuya Rigo


It surely looks like the Duterte siblings missed each other a lot!

Daughter of Paolo “Pulong: Duterte, Isabelle, recently expressed how she missed her two kuyas, Omar Vincent and Rodrigo II. On her Instagram account, Isabelle said that she missed her ‘two giants’, referring to her two kuyas, and posted a photo of them together. Eighteen year old Isabelle is currently pursuing her college education in Sydney, Australia after graduating senior high in San Beda Alabang early this year.

Isabelle, Omar and Rigo are the children of Paolo Duterte with his former wife, Lovelie Sangkola. He is now married to Barangay Chair January Navarez-Duterte, and has two kids – Uno and Sabina.