Isabelle Duterte goes classy and fab with grandma

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Good look really runs in their genes, from one genration to another.

Eighteen year old Isabelle Lovelie Duterte, the granddaughter of President Rodrigo Duterte, had a fun-looking night out with her lola, the mom of the mother Lovelie Sangkola Sumera. On her Instagram, the eighteen year old daughter of Paolo Duterte posted a photo of her and her “grams”, clad in their traditional Filipino outfit.

“Out with the grams”, the showbiz newcomer wrote via Isntagram strories.

Ms. Lovelie is the first wife of Paolo, hailing from a Tausūg-Maranao family. Lovelie’s family, as narrated by President Duterte, are “Muslim vendors” who are into “jars” and “ukay-ukay” business.