Insipired! Michael Pacquiao paints pretty girlfriend, Yazmin Aziz

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The pretty girlfriend of Michael Pacquiao is currently making rounds online in Malaysia for her new hit single, Lihatlah.

Michael Pacquiao, the second eldest son of Senator Manny Pacquiao and Jinkee Pacquiao, recently created an artwork inspired by his talented girlfriend, Malaysian-Filipino performer Yazmin Aziz. On his Instagram account, the sixteen year old artist shared a photo of his work-in-progress artwork, featuring an image of Yazmin.

“Almost done! I hope you’ll like it”, he wrote via IG stories.

Yazmin then replied via IG stories and said that she already loves the painting. The lovebird’ story originated from a simple private message on social media. Since then, the sixteen year olds’ love affair bloomed into an official relationship. They were spotted together during Sen. Manny’s bout with Australian boxer Mathysse a few months ago in Kuala Lumpur, and granted a guesting with ASAP during Yazmin’s recent visit in the Philippines.