Hiyas ng Kadayawan crown features Davao City’s Waling-Waling

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The organizers of this year’s Hiyas ng Kadayawan have vowed to award grander and more functional crowns to the winners.

Dan Salvana Jr., who is Hiyas ng Kadayawan events director for the second consecutive year, said this year’s pageant will feature a new crown that represents one of Davao City’s gems — the Waling-Waling or Vanda sanderiana.

Waling-Waling, which is endemic in Mindanao, is the queen of Philippine orchids. It is one of the icons of Davao City and featured in the Life is Here brand.

Salvana said a lot of work had been invested into the making of the new crowns – from the conceptualization up to the actual creation.

He said the design of the Hiyas ng Kadayawan crown changes each year. It has no permanent pattern to — somewhat.

“We wanted to have a crown that is inspired by the festival. We also wanted it to be more colorful,” he said.

City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) Head Generose Tecson said the Hiyas ng Kadayawan crown has indeed evolved. Back in the days, the crown was heavier and bigger.

“This time, the crown is simpler but more elegant,” Tecson said.

Tres Roldan Cartera designed the Hiyas ng Kadayawan crown using lighter materials such as rhinestones.

The Hiyas ng Kadayawan Grand Winner will get the biggest crown while the runners-up will get almost identical but smaller versions of it.

The coronation night for the Hiyas ng Kadayawan will be held on Saturday, August 11.