Here’s how Kitty Duterte deals with insecurities

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The fourteen year old Presidential daughter is a tough cookie like her dad.

Grade 8 student Veronica “Kitty” Duterte, daughter of president Rodrigo Duterte and common-law-wife Honeylet Avancena recently proved that she truly knows how to handle stress, insecurities and struggles in life.

A netizen “icelouise” recently asked Kitty on how she fights “the demons” in her head.

“The insecurities that swallows you? And how do you cope with the belittlement of the people around you? Badly need some advice”, the netizen wrote via Curious Cat website.

For Kitty, doing better in life is the easy answer to all of it.

“success is the best revenge 😊 prove them wrong”, she wrote on her page.

Kitty is currently a student at Stella Maris Academy in Davao and occasionally visits her dad in Malacanang.